ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser, NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and PFOA/PFOS, Instant TDS Read Out

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Introducing the ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser, your ultimate solution to pure and safe drinking water. This innovative dispenser is NSF certified to effectively reduce lead and harmful PFOA/PFOS chemicals, ensuring that every sip is refreshing and contaminant-free.

Engineered with a groundbreaking 5-stage filtration system, this dispenser guarantees exceptional water quality. The first stage employs a coarse filter screen to remove large particles, followed by a foam distributor that evenly disperses water to the subsequent stages. Then, the multi-layer activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy remove organic contaminants and chlorine, delivering crisp and odor-free water. The final stage utilizes a comprehensive ion exchange resin to reduce harmful dissolved solids, providing you with water that surpasses the standards of not just taste, but also health.

One remarkable feature of this dispenser is its instant total dissolved solids (TDS) readout, allowing you to monitor the purity level of your water at a glance. The included digital TDS meter promptly displays the concentration of dissolved solids in parts per million (PPM), providing peace of mind and transparency. No more guesswork or relying on taste alone – now you can be confident about the quality of water you and your family consume.

Designed for convenience, this 22 cup dispenser accommodates large quantities of water, perfect for households, offices, or gatherings. Its sleek and compact design ensures it fits seamlessly on any countertop or refrigerator shelf, saving valuable space. The easy-pour spigot effortlessly dispenses water, eliminating the need for lifting and carrying heavy pitchers. Additionally, the dispenser and its components are BPA-free, guaranteeing the water remains pure and uncontaminated.

Maintenance is a breeze with the ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read Dispenser. The filter replacement indicator will conveniently remind you when it’s time to replace the filter, ensuring optimum performance and continued purity. Each filter has a capacity of up to 150 gallons or approximately 3 months (depending on water quality). Replacement filters are readily available, allowing you to enjoy consistent water filtration without any hassle.

In conclusion, the ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser offers both efficiency and reliability in delivering the cleanest and most refreshing drinking water. With NSF certification, instant TDS readout, and a sizable capacity, this dispenser surpasses expectations, giving you and your loved ones access to dehydration-free, high-quality water. Upgrade your drinking experience today and quench your thirst with the ZeroWater 22 Cup Ready-Read Dispenser – the epitome of pure water perfection.


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